Solar Skylight – REDi-lite™

The REDi-lite Solar Hybrid Skylight alternative offers a Green Energy solution for light starved areas around the home or office and is becoming a product of choice for ever increasing high density housing environments where shading from other buildings encroaches.

The REDi-lite Spectra system can be installed in almost any location unlike traditional skylights where building structure and difficult roof lines can often dictate placements.

How does it work?

It works much the same as a skylight with a sun up sun down effect. As the sun rises, the light gets brighter; then as the sun goes down, the light intensity reduces. It behaves just like a traditional skylight.


Free to operate – The REDi-lite light doesn’t cost one cent to operate whilst being powered by the sun..
yes that’s right, FREE Light!

Options – A Special feature of the SPECTRA system is its ability to incorporate a Day/Night kit which enables the same lights to be used at night or during the day for full powered light.

Quality – Using only the highest of quality componentry coupled with exceptional warranties, the REDi-lite system aims to deliver years of trouble-free uninterrupted light.


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