Skyvac Skylights, is a local business founded in the beautiful Southern Highlands town of Mittagong, New South Wales. We have been making skylights for over 30 years. In addition, we provide quality energy saving products for your home or building project. Skyvac Skylights boasts its unique custom-made skylights that comes in either a Dome, Double-glazed or Single-glazed glass to fit any roof profile; plus, we color match the skylight to your roof with Colorbond colors.

Skyvac Clear Tiles is another product that we manufacture and supply. They are made from High-impact Acrylic Plastic. It comes in double tiles which cover two normal (cement or terracotta) roof tiles and can either be clear or opal (white).

Want a modern skylight?

Skyvac Skylights is also an official distributor and installer of Redilight LED skylight alternative. It works just like a conventional skylight. They turn on at day, and turn off at night. It can be installed in almost any location in your house or office where there are light starved areas.

Not just a skylight..

At Skyvac Skylights, we offer a variety of services:

What sets us apart?

Skyvac Skylights understand that your time is valuable, that is why we offer fast installation at efficient and excellent quality.  We also provide advice for the skylight that works best for you at a free cost!

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