Solar Skylights By Illume™

illume™ Shaftless™ Solar Skylight Systems add the ambience of natural looking light, similar to traditional skylights, but without the challenge and expense of modifying the roof cavity and the need to install a light shaft or flexible tube. illume™ offers a range of possibilities for home renovators who can now create beautiful ambient light in areas where traditional skylights can’t be fitted.

How does it work?

illume™ automatically comes to life and adjusts itself as the sun makes its way across the sky. As with traditional skylights, the light emitted from an illume™ system is also affected by the presence of sunlight, cloud cover or overcast conditions creating the feeling of harmony between external and internal lighting conditions.

Reasons to choose illume™

  • Requires no mains power or batteries
  • No running costs
  • Easy install
  • No light shaft
  • Suits multi-level dwellings
  • No insects collecting in the light diffuser
  • Fully sealed – no leaks or heat transfer



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