Skyvac Skylights

This is our premium range of single or double-glazed glass fixed skylights. Skyvac skylights™  are manufactured on site with flashings to suit all roof profiles and in colorbond colours to match your roof color. Whether your home is a century old classic or a stylish contemporary design, the flush fitting style of Skyvac Skylights™  will enhance its external appearance and market value while providing light, ventilation and in some cases UV protection where you need it most. Skyvac Skylights™ are manufactured in our premises at Mittagong on the Southern Highlands using double-glazed glass which complies with Australian Standard AS 1288 and AS 4285. Flashings are constructed from Colorbond, Galvanised or Zincalume sheeting to match most roof colours. You have a choice of single-glazed or double-glazed using either clear, tinted or low E glass. We also install a heavy-duty sarking shaft (optional) along with the skylight, plus trim and diffuser. We offer a variety of diffusers for you to choose from. The difference between our brand of skylights with others is that we do custom-made skylights based on customer’s preference and the quality of materials used. Get a quote
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