Skyvac Skylights™ & Velux Roof Windows

This is our premium range of single or double-glazed glass fixed skylights and openable roof windows.

All Skyvac skylights™ and  Velux roof windows are manufactured on site with flashings to suit all roof profiles and in colorbond colors to match your roof color. Flyscreens are standard on the openable roof windows.

Whether your home is a century old classic or a stylish contemporary design, the flush fitting style of Skyvac Skylights™ and Velux Roof Windows will enhance its external appearance and market value while providing light, ventilation and in some cases UV protection where you need it most.

Skyvac Skylights™ & Roof Windows are manufactured in our premises at Mittagong on the Southern Highlands using double glazed glass which complies with Australian Standard AS 1288 and AS 4285. Flashings are constructed from Colorbond, Galvanised or Zincalume sheeting to match most roof colours.

You have a choice of single-glazed or double-glazed using either clear, tinted or low E glass.

We have standard sizes available but can also make a custom skylight to suit your specific requirements.


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